Work, work, work

Here's a stand-by work ensemble. I have this dress in black and purple and it's pretty versatile. Eh...I don't know. I was crazy about this beige one when I bought it but I'm on the fence about it nowadays. I've actually rocked the black one in a really cool way so I'll post that at some point. I love the flats- I have a thing for snakeskin and I need more in my life.

I'm a little out of it today...please excuse the rambling.

*AA dress/leotard, vinatge belt, Kenneth Cole snakeskin flats, Mom's old leather jacket, Target sunglasses


More is More

I want all of them.

*from the NYT Style Section


The Day Begins

What I saw this morning when I opened my eyes.



What do we think of these?

You can find them here.



Something about this dress feels French to me. Maybe a bit...Chanel? I don't know. To be honest I don't know that I could necessarily id a Chanel, unless it was the suit. Either way, I love this dress and the shoes (which you can't really see) are a recent purchase from the Fee People website.**

Love the black trim.

**Special shout-out to the girls at Asian Cajuns who turned me on to these shoes. They're sexy and ridiculously comfortable!

*F21 dress, AA leggings, Jeffrey Campbell for Free People booties, Piko 1988 trench


Black and Grey

Two of my favorite colors came together in the form of the coveted Alexander McQueen for Target dress I managed to get my hands on. I think I mentioned a few posts ago about how obsessed I was with the dress. I went to Target on the wrong day so I wasn't able to find the dress initially. It was online but I really wanted to try it on- you just never know how stuff like this will fit. After calling around a few other Targets, I ended up speaking to a lovely young lady who knew exactly what dress I wanted and held it for me. My lovely BF went to pick it up (I was at work). And now, I model it for you:

My Mom peer pressured me into buying the blazer but I have to say it was a good call. Thanks Mom!

*Alexander McQueen for Target dress, Le Rok blazer


Opposite Day

One of the things that have enjoyed most about reading fashion blogs is the inspiration and information you get. It can be overwhelming at times but it also encourages you to get off your lazy ass and do something. I've been fortunate enough to have discovered Sea of Shoes, Six Six Sick, Rackk and Ruin, and my absolute favorite, Luxirare. These girls teach me something new every single day and I hope they realize how inspiring they are to me. You guys are awesome!

So, now that that ass kissing is done :) on to how they inspired me today...well, yesterday actually. I was never into the menswear thing. I felt that it didn't work for me because I have so many curves. In college, I did dress up as a man for Halloween. I found a grey pinstripe Calvin Klein suit that fit perfectly, I paired it with a bowler hat and a cigar and that was Halloween. My BF at the time was against it but in the end, he ended up being very turned on by the whole thing. Go figure. Anyway, I found this blazer at the Goodwill on Hollywood Blvd. in my neighborhood. I wore it with my current BF's grey Calvin button down and I really like it. It looks like something my Dad would have worn to a meeting in the 80s.

*blazer from Goodwill, Calvin Klein shirt, Levi's jeans, studded bracelets from H&M


Back In The Day

I would have like to worn the outfit in the middle:


Man, I miss Harlem. "Harlem Heights" on BET is making me homesick!

*images from Google


Picked these up Saturday after a killer callback. I love them. They look old and dusty, like I dug them up somewhere. I'm starting to really appreciate objects that look worn and full of history.


Bad pic, great dress

God, I hate to do this...I really, REALLY hate to do this! This pic is SO bad, it's not even funny. I threw it together one day a few weeks ago and thought, "Wow, this looks great!" I snapped a pic with my phone in the ladies room of my office. Poor, poor quality and hello? I'm in a BATHROOM!! Anyway, here it is:

I'm wearing my new favorite dress (vintage) with a vint belt, leggings, and heels from a few posts ago. What I love about this look is that it's fun, whimsical, but still fashionable. I think the whole thing, shoes included, is less than $100 which is also key. I've learned to work within my budget, dress for my shape and take chances. It's been great so far.

**Update: I managed to score the McQueen dress from Target I posted about last time. Pics to come!


Should've listened to Nylon

Grrrrr!!! Target.com SCREWED me BIG TIME!!

Ok, let me collect myself. I heard that Alexander McQueen was doing a line for Target so naturally I was very, very excited. I read in Nylon that the line was to debut March 1. A couple of other publications (NY Mag, I think) also reported this information. I kept checking the Target website and it said that the line actually debuted today, March 4. I thought it was strange but figured that maybe March 1 was when it debuted in NY. So...because I missed Stella and got there too late for Commes de Garcon at H&M, I was determined to get my hands on the McQ line. Specifically this:

And this jacket:

I got to Target in West Hollywood this morning, just before 8:30 a.m. When I got to the McQueen section, I found six other women picking over maybe 15 items. They all looked puzzled. I was annoyed. I thought that I had missed the boat by not getting there at 8 a.m. when the store opened. The dress and jacket were nowhere to be found. I grabbed three items and hustled to the fitting room thinking that I might be able to find some leftovers. A woman in front of me asked if there was any more McQ "in the back". The put upon employee said, "It was all in the store on the first. That's why there's nothing left." I could have cried. WHY DO I ALWAYS MISS THESE THINGS?! Anyway, none of the three items worked but there was another outfit that someone had left behind on the fitting room racks. I haven't been able to find a pic online but maybe I'll model it for ya. It's actually pretty cool. A long blue tee underneath a netted vest. It would look good with leggings and my new boots. I may be SOL with the dress and jacket, unless I go by Target religiously and see if anyone had made any returns. Not sure if the line will be avail online. Oh well.

*Update: The line IS available online!!


In place of Ann...

Since I can't afford these awesome Ann Demeulemeester boots (which I only know about because of the fantastic blog that is Sea Of Shoes):

I purchased these from the DSW website:

Fashion blogs have been a huge inspiration lately. They've opened my eyes to a whole world of cutting edge designers that you don't see covered on E or other silly celebrity show that does the whole "fashion police" bullshit. I've also attempted a DIY project that didn't quite pan out (more on that later). I'm going to give it another shot, though. Anyway, I LOVE these boots and have a tendency to strut whenever I wear them. The $109 I spent on them didn't break the bank and I know I'll have them forever. Let's hear it for bargains!

*photo from Saks.com