Rings from New High Mart, random boutiques and F21. Vintage bangles from Scotland, Pamlea Love Talon Cuff


how i'm feeling

wild, crazy, unpredictable...and totally in control.

*image via NY Mag


weave free (temporarily)

For Black Women hair is such a complicated thing. And it really shouldn't be, we've just had years of bullshit lingering in our brains convincing us to do unnatural things to our hair. I've had my ups and downs with it over the years. I haven't had a relaxer in about five years but I rock my weave. Actually, I love my weave. However, I let my own hair breathe for a week and wore it natural. How freeing! How simple, funky, edgy, and classic! I'm attempting to break into, oh how should I put this...mainstream movie and tv projects so I went back to the weave. They match my current headshots. But I'm thinking of getting some pics taken while the hair is au natural so when I give it a break again (perhaps for longer), I can have a few different "looks". Here are some pics I took of me in my natural state (BF looooves the natural hair, by the way):

Now compare that with my headshots featuring la extensions (and a fair amount of makeup/ touching up, etc.)- big difference, right?


me and the tube

short video of me in london from this past march. the bf and i went to london, dublin, and glasgow. i love traveling- hope to do lots more.


a day in the life

1. zara dress, michael kors sunglasses, bcbg bag w/ foxtail, f21 rings, vintage bracelets
2. f21 sunglasses, cotton on dress, target watch, vintage bracelets
3. obey t-shirt, levis jeans
4. complex geometries shirt, f21 poncho, banana republic earrings
5. faithful jumpsuit, vintage belt



Today is my birthday and what an awesome day it's been. In honor of my special day, here's a link to a Style Like U video of my most favortie subject to date. Enjoy and stay inspired!

Shirine Saad


cleo looks good in my new necklace

i love this necklace but i think i love it even more on cleo. mommy loves you!



oh marc you sexxxxy devil you.

thanks for making these rings. and only charging twelve smackeroos. kisses.


oh my tie dye

i've always loved tie dye but in the last year or so, i've been particularly drawn to it. i like that it's splattered paint basically which reminds me of graffiti. i hadn't seen it but when i heard about proenza schouler doing tie dye this season i was intriuged but not THAT intrigued. after all, it's tie dye. not exactly a groundbreaking achievement for fashion in 2010. but i paid a visit to my favorite store opening ceremony and there it was. PS tie dye and my god, it looked amazing. so fresh and excited hanging there in bright bold colors. so pretty and fun. i'm glad i saw it because it makes me even more excited that i got this lil' number from american apparel.

you can't tell but it's actually a leotard or unitard or whatever but with shorts. a onesie, let's say.

my mom gave me this necklace for christmas. i love african inspired jewelry. i can't wait to go there some day.

AA onsie/INC skirt/necklace from Mom/target watch, vintage bangles, tiger eye bracelet

speaking of my sweet mother, the colorful jacket in dry cleaner plastic hanging on the door behind me is a mother's day gift. vintage bill blass, baby. i'll post some pics of her in it. she knows about it already so it won't be a surprise per se but i'll still enjoy giving it to her :)


sundays with cleo

all i need in life.

f21 tank/sonia rykiel x h&m bra/ target watch/ vintage bangles from scotland


welcome back

wow. has it really been two months since i've updated this blog? well, a lot has happened in those months. i was in a great play, went to the UK (london, dublin, glasgow) for a week, then to vegas for a weekend. i've also been working out like a crazy person, submitting myself for more projects, writing and hopefully shooting some pretty cool ideas i have. i've also done some shopping. a LOT of shopping. what else is new, right?

AA bodysuit, blouse from Santee Alley in downtown LA, F21 cross ring, Target watch, vintage gold bangles from Scotland, faux Chanel half-tint glasses from Maya, owl claw necklace from Talonalia

how amazing is this necklace? i can't take it off. thanks Alicia!
while walking around Santee Alley (if you're a New Yorker, Santee Alley is the equivalent to Canal St.) with my mom, i picked up this flowy top and was hoping that I'd find these glasses because of the insane amount of knock-off shit they have down there. i actually saw a girl with them on and asked if she had gotten them there at the Alley. she hadn't but last week while I was doing the rounds in my 'hood, i went into Maya and there they were in all their fake-ass glory. And for $8 i couldn't pass it up.


vint gucci

hey ya'll...

sorry for the lack of posts, i just gt back from a film festival and san diego and am deep in rehearsals for a play that opens in a couple of weeks. i've been a bad blogger but not a bad shopper. check out these vintage gucci loafers. sick, right?


velvet angels

find them here

*photo via style.com



favorite dress

i adore this dress from anthropologie. the last time i wore it was october '08 for a friends wedding in san diego. today i'm wearing it to a birthday lunch for my dad. i think i'll pair it with my brown zara jacket so it's a bti less formal. video outfit posting will resume soon :)