welcome back

wow. has it really been two months since i've updated this blog? well, a lot has happened in those months. i was in a great play, went to the UK (london, dublin, glasgow) for a week, then to vegas for a weekend. i've also been working out like a crazy person, submitting myself for more projects, writing and hopefully shooting some pretty cool ideas i have. i've also done some shopping. a LOT of shopping. what else is new, right?

AA bodysuit, blouse from Santee Alley in downtown LA, F21 cross ring, Target watch, vintage gold bangles from Scotland, faux Chanel half-tint glasses from Maya, owl claw necklace from Talonalia

how amazing is this necklace? i can't take it off. thanks Alicia!
while walking around Santee Alley (if you're a New Yorker, Santee Alley is the equivalent to Canal St.) with my mom, i picked up this flowy top and was hoping that I'd find these glasses because of the insane amount of knock-off shit they have down there. i actually saw a girl with them on and asked if she had gotten them there at the Alley. she hadn't but last week while I was doing the rounds in my 'hood, i went into Maya and there they were in all their fake-ass glory. And for $8 i couldn't pass it up.


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Vintage Pattern Vault said...

FUCK YEAH! Getting the Magpie as I multitask this muthafucka!

She Wears, She Shares said...

Faux or not, these sunnies are HOTT!