Rings from New High Mart, random boutiques and F21. Vintage bangles from Scotland, Pamlea Love Talon Cuff


how i'm feeling

wild, crazy, unpredictable...and totally in control.

*image via NY Mag


weave free (temporarily)

For Black Women hair is such a complicated thing. And it really shouldn't be, we've just had years of bullshit lingering in our brains convincing us to do unnatural things to our hair. I've had my ups and downs with it over the years. I haven't had a relaxer in about five years but I rock my weave. Actually, I love my weave. However, I let my own hair breathe for a week and wore it natural. How freeing! How simple, funky, edgy, and classic! I'm attempting to break into, oh how should I put this...mainstream movie and tv projects so I went back to the weave. They match my current headshots. But I'm thinking of getting some pics taken while the hair is au natural so when I give it a break again (perhaps for longer), I can have a few different "looks". Here are some pics I took of me in my natural state (BF looooves the natural hair, by the way):

Now compare that with my headshots featuring la extensions (and a fair amount of makeup/ touching up, etc.)- big difference, right?


me and the tube

short video of me in london from this past march. the bf and i went to london, dublin, and glasgow. i love traveling- hope to do lots more.