Opposite Day

One of the things that have enjoyed most about reading fashion blogs is the inspiration and information you get. It can be overwhelming at times but it also encourages you to get off your lazy ass and do something. I've been fortunate enough to have discovered Sea of Shoes, Six Six Sick, Rackk and Ruin, and my absolute favorite, Luxirare. These girls teach me something new every single day and I hope they realize how inspiring they are to me. You guys are awesome!

So, now that that ass kissing is done :) on to how they inspired me today...well, yesterday actually. I was never into the menswear thing. I felt that it didn't work for me because I have so many curves. In college, I did dress up as a man for Halloween. I found a grey pinstripe Calvin Klein suit that fit perfectly, I paired it with a bowler hat and a cigar and that was Halloween. My BF at the time was against it but in the end, he ended up being very turned on by the whole thing. Go figure. Anyway, I found this blazer at the Goodwill on Hollywood Blvd. in my neighborhood. I wore it with my current BF's grey Calvin button down and I really like it. It looks like something my Dad would have worn to a meeting in the 80s.

*blazer from Goodwill, Calvin Klein shirt, Levi's jeans, studded bracelets from H&M


Anonymous said...

oh you look very pretty in this gorgeous light outside.
I admit reading good blogs is so refreshing, and you do learn so much from them--I personally like them because it has a very individual point of view...keep up these personal style shots!