Black and Grey

Two of my favorite colors came together in the form of the coveted Alexander McQueen for Target dress I managed to get my hands on. I think I mentioned a few posts ago about how obsessed I was with the dress. I went to Target on the wrong day so I wasn't able to find the dress initially. It was online but I really wanted to try it on- you just never know how stuff like this will fit. After calling around a few other Targets, I ended up speaking to a lovely young lady who knew exactly what dress I wanted and held it for me. My lovely BF went to pick it up (I was at work). And now, I model it for you:

My Mom peer pressured me into buying the blazer but I have to say it was a good call. Thanks Mom!

*Alexander McQueen for Target dress, Le Rok blazer


WendyB said...

You've got a good mom!