Should've listened to Nylon

Grrrrr!!! Target.com SCREWED me BIG TIME!!

Ok, let me collect myself. I heard that Alexander McQueen was doing a line for Target so naturally I was very, very excited. I read in Nylon that the line was to debut March 1. A couple of other publications (NY Mag, I think) also reported this information. I kept checking the Target website and it said that the line actually debuted today, March 4. I thought it was strange but figured that maybe March 1 was when it debuted in NY. So...because I missed Stella and got there too late for Commes de Garcon at H&M, I was determined to get my hands on the McQ line. Specifically this:

And this jacket:

I got to Target in West Hollywood this morning, just before 8:30 a.m. When I got to the McQueen section, I found six other women picking over maybe 15 items. They all looked puzzled. I was annoyed. I thought that I had missed the boat by not getting there at 8 a.m. when the store opened. The dress and jacket were nowhere to be found. I grabbed three items and hustled to the fitting room thinking that I might be able to find some leftovers. A woman in front of me asked if there was any more McQ "in the back". The put upon employee said, "It was all in the store on the first. That's why there's nothing left." I could have cried. WHY DO I ALWAYS MISS THESE THINGS?! Anyway, none of the three items worked but there was another outfit that someone had left behind on the fitting room racks. I haven't been able to find a pic online but maybe I'll model it for ya. It's actually pretty cool. A long blue tee underneath a netted vest. It would look good with leggings and my new boots. I may be SOL with the dress and jacket, unless I go by Target religiously and see if anyone had made any returns. Not sure if the line will be avail online. Oh well.

*Update: The line IS available online!!


Anonymous said...

its crazy how all these things sellout so fast...looking forward to your next post!