The party was a lot of fun. Cool, interesting people and conversations about everything from Facebook to Obama. In terms of wardrobe, I decided to go with a long, black, cotton dress with a halter top that I got at Marshalls that originated at the Gap. I piled on my hippie jewelry and my new gladiators from Steve Madden. I felt relaxed an comfortable which was really what I was going for in the first place. Once I got to the party the first thing I noticed was another girl who was rocking a similar look, only her dress was purple (my favorite color, btw). She had tons of hippie jewelry on too and she even had ORANGE NAIL POLISH! Quel horror! Whatever...I'm still feeling my hippie/ rock n roll thing. I think I wear it well.

In other news, my body is sorer (not a word) than a mutha*****. I've been working out like crazy at the gym, trying to take advantage of the sick group classes. I did 5 days a week last week for an hour and a half or more each time. I was doing fine until this past weekend. I did a class called Cardio Quikie that kicked my ass followed by a grueling Sculpt class. The day before I had done a boxing class and then ran for half and hour. I felt like a champ them but now my wrists, arms and back are killing me and I feel all tight. I've been stretching but what i need is a nice massage- maybe a Thai massage from the place on Hillhurst.

I'm trying to lose weight/ tone up for like the 20th time in my life. It's incredibly frustrating to have to think about everything you put in your mouth and when you can squeeze a workout in all while still meeting friends for drinks and having romantic dinners with your boyfriend. I'm trying to stay the course though and stay off the scale so I don't get all freaked out. Still...I can't help but imagining a life where none of this matters.