For the past 20 years or so I have been searching for the best products for my face. I have to say that I've been pretty lucky with my skin and I'm more than obsessed with keeping it as nice and smooth and clean as possible. The problem for me though, was for a while I just bought whatever magazines and commercials told me I should buy. Granted, fashion and beauty mags can offer a lot of good advice but when I think of all the dough I spent on beauty products that didn't work for me, I cringe. But I cringe no more (mostly because I don't want to encourage wrinkles)! I have found the perfect combo of products to keep me looking good. And so, because I am a narcissist- I will share them with you. Enjoy!

Purity Made Simple by Philosophy is my absolute favorite tried and true face cleanser. It's very gentle, not heavy on perfume and cleanses beautifully. There's no crazy foaming going on and honestly you don't need it. When rinsed off, it's also great at leaving your skin with just the right of moisture. Love, love!

For a deeper clean (isn't that what they say on the commercial? oh jeez...) I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of Neutrogena because I find their products to be too harsh and drying. The Deep Clean Cream Cleanser works for me though. It's great at taking off makeup and there's a nice tingling sensation going on. Kind of reminds me of old school Noxema without all that eye burning business.

Kiehl's Rosewater Toner. For real, I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS. I am so serious. Whatever is in this bottle (roses? ground unicorn horns?) it's working for me. Very refreshing and smells yummy too. It's good to spritz all over your body as well as your face if your feeling extra fancy. Which I do.

Again, with the Kiehl's. I really love their products. Very well made, simple and efficient. I actually use the moisturizer with SPF 15, which is lighter and better for day wear. It is perfection.

I try to do a mask once a week to keep everything tight. I can't afford to get facials so I reasoned that if I invested in a good mask, I'd be doing right by my face and my wallet. I believe I am right.

I used to laugh at my Dad because he always used the OG pink Oil of Olay face lotion (I guess they took the "Oil of" out of it and streamlined it to just be "Olay"- classy!) but his skin has always looked great. He and my Mom have a lot to do with what I ended up with, obviously. Thanks Mom and Dad! Anyway, I use the Olay Regenerist Night Cream because it really hydrates my skin overnight. My apartment can be a little dry so it definitely helps. The box says that you will wake up to a mini face lift every morning. Whateves. It smells good AND is in a purple jar. Can't beat that!


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