Decisions, decisions...

My dad is picking me up in about half an hour to take me to a Labor Day BBQ. It's attendees will be various African American Hollywood types (A-listers? Not sure...) and wannabes (me, naturally). And of course I have NOTHING TO WEAR!!! This of course is an exaggeration. The real problem is that I have nothing that I want to wear. I'm feeling rock and roll adventurous but i don't really have anything that will reflect that without making me look like a tool. I have lots of pretty dresses but I'm SO not feeling the "pretty" thing today. I'm going for a more interesting, constructed look. Also, must keep in mind that this is a BBQ so casual is probably most appropriate. Oh god...why am I not a natural style maven that can just throw it together effortlessly? Instead of agonizing for hours over something so simple? Whatever...I'll throw some shit together and pray to Allah that it works.