sunday night jitters

today i had a tremendous experience and feedback in my acting class. lots of wonderful compliments that were great to hear but also scary. if i have so much talent, there's a responsibility on my part to do something with it, right? but instead of excitement (it's there...just not as prevalent as the fear) i feel an intense amount of pressure and anxiety. one of my goals is to live a fearless life but it's hard because it means that i need to work harder than a lot of people (including myself) want to work. i try to keep my day to day goals simple and manageable. i need to:

1. figure out how to upload videos and pics on this blog

2. order parts for my digital camera

3. (try to) blog every day

4. go to sleep- i have to be up at 5am

wish me luck! sweet dreams...



Right Brained said...

No, you have no responsibility just because you have talent. You only have a responsibility if you WANT to do something with that talent. Don't beat yourself up or you'll turn out like me. . .