Going Home

I recently went to Richmond, VA and got to spend some quality time with my mom. Bill was performing there so I tagged along and had a great time. The three of us went to lunch in Cary Town where my mom had one glass of white wine and proceeded to embarrass me by telling Bill about my conception. It was hilarious, though. My mom is a fantastic drunk. We went shopping for a bit afterwards, dragging poor Bill around for about an hour while we gasped and talked about how cute everything was. I ended up doing pretty well, clothes-wise. A cropped black fall coat with an amazing collar, a dress and a shirt from a store that reminded me of Urban Outfitters but better. Mom also gave me her short black leather jacket that she couldn't fit anymore. I also got a belt, underwear and the perfect vintage Joan-from-"Mad Men" dress that cost $9. I love shopping in Virginia- bargains abound!

Mom and I also took some time to chat about going into business together. It's still in the conception phase but I am very excited about it. If we go full force and it works out the way I'm envisioning it, I could be doing all the things I am passionate about. Very exciting! Trey drove down from North Carolina and we went to see Bill at the Funny Bone. He was hilarious and had Mom and Trey doubled over the whole time. Watching them laugh and have a good time made me feel so good. Anyone who can make my family laugh that hard is definitely a keeper.

Mom and I went through old pictures and reminisced about old times. She kept a lot of my old toys and letters too. It was such a joy to learn that my old Fisher Price record player still worked. Mom said she kept all those things because she wanted to see my reaction to them. She's awesome. I also got to take a great picture of my dear step-father, Mr. G. It's a still from the production of "The Odd Couple" that he did in Alabama. I love the picture. It's classic Mr. G. He's just being, not acting, not forcing anything. Just a bright shining star for the world to see. I also took a picture of him and Gregory Hines. I imagine them having drinks in heaven and it makes me smile. I wanted a picture of my mother during her modeling days. She wasn't exactly a working model but she was interested and had some test shots taken. The one I have is so beautiful. It looks like an album cover. I have to have it framed as soon as possible.

Going home was wonderful and heart breaking all at the same time. It makes me realize how much I miss my family and how much I miss Mr. G. I can't wait for Trey to graduate and Mom to move out here. It will be a new chapter in all of our lives. I can't wait.


C. Wesley H. Crump said...

Awww. :)

C. Wesley H. Crump said...

I meant to add that my dad was from Richmond, VA.