Decisions, decisions...

My dad is picking me up in about half an hour to take me to a Labor Day BBQ. It's attendees will be various African American Hollywood types (A-listers? Not sure...) and wannabes (me, naturally). And of course I have NOTHING TO WEAR!!! This of course is an exaggeration. The real problem is that I have nothing that I want to wear. I'm feeling rock and roll adventurous but i don't really have anything that will reflect that without making me look like a tool. I have lots of pretty dresses but I'm SO not feeling the "pretty" thing today. I'm going for a more interesting, constructed look. Also, must keep in mind that this is a BBQ so casual is probably most appropriate. Oh god...why am I not a natural style maven that can just throw it together effortlessly? Instead of agonizing for hours over something so simple? Whatever...I'll throw some shit together and pray to Allah that it works.


Walking out of the yoga studio yesterday...

Grant (motioning to a mini waterfall): That is so cool, I'd like to have that in my place.

Me: Yeah, it's beautiful. It's kind of, like..sexy.

Grant: WHAT?!!

Me (laughing nervously): Oh..uhh, I don't know! I 'm just really open right now, I guess.

Random Woman Listening: Yeah, you're liable to say anything!



Thoughts????? I have found that women love it. Men, not so much. I did a lovely shade of lavender a few weeks ago and got a lot of compliments from men. Interesting... The orange is a bit "Halloween-y" as Bill put it but something about it makes me happy.


sunday night jitters

today i had a tremendous experience and feedback in my acting class. lots of wonderful compliments that were great to hear but also scary. if i have so much talent, there's a responsibility on my part to do something with it, right? but instead of excitement (it's there...just not as prevalent as the fear) i feel an intense amount of pressure and anxiety. one of my goals is to live a fearless life but it's hard because it means that i need to work harder than a lot of people (including myself) want to work. i try to keep my day to day goals simple and manageable. i need to:

1. figure out how to upload videos and pics on this blog

2. order parts for my digital camera

3. (try to) blog every day

4. go to sleep- i have to be up at 5am

wish me luck! sweet dreams...



The Meaning of Tender Headed

This an actual IM conversation* I had with Simone yesterday. The name Tender Headed has been on my mind for many years now. It sort of sums up my life and thus, the blog reflects that.

Simone: how would you define tenderheaded
Sent at 3:14 PM on Tuesday

me: i woudl say that it's a phrase used in black culture to describe how a person reacts to getting their hair done. our hair normally thick and curly and as children it was often put into differnt braided styles, most poularly cornrows
you would sit on the floor between your mother's legs while she navigated you're mane with a comb and brush
she would pull hard, jerking and twistign your head this way and that all the whiel you winced in pain or said OWW! over and over again
to which your mother would say, girl you are SO tender headed!
this phrase follows you into early adolensence when you're mother took you to the beauty salon

Simone: aw the nostaglia

me: she would tell the hair dresser- well, she's TENDER HEADED, like you couldn't take it or something
and even now, at the salon, the stylist may ask you if you are tenderheaded so she knows what kind of client she's deling with
so there's that
i also think it means beign sensitive
i've always been told that i'm too sensitive
well at least when i was younger
and it bothered me
but not anymore. i am proud to admit that i am tender headed in and out of the salon chair
ok...all of that is going in the blog

*Yes, I realize there are many misspellings but when I IM, I have no time to spell correctly. I'm too busy typing as fast as I can before the other person cuts me off.


A Fresh Start

Hello! Welcome to my new and improved blog. I started this blog last year with the intent of writing everyday- an exercise in creatvity as well as a journal of my experiences. It was good...but dark. Not in a way that I'm ashamed of but I'd like to move on from that phase in my life. Out of the darkness and into the light, so to speak. The name Nia means "purpose" in Swahili and I am determined to find my purpose in life. So here it is. What I love, what I do and what I want. Enjoy!