I Can't Deal...

You know, I've been reading a LOT of nasty comments on some of my favorite blogs. Why can't people just let others live? Specifically, there have been a lot of comments to the effect of, "Ummm...we're in a RECESSION!", "You're so superficial!", "Wow, must be nice to have so much" , and on and on. Look people, fashion blogs are about just that- FASHION. It's an art form. It's something we all love and crave. Wanting to have pretty things is not some new idea that was just invented. Get the fuck over it. Ok, I'm done. With that in mind, here are a few things that I am dying (yes DYING) to have. So suck it, haters.

Pamela Love is NO JOKE.

I'm a bit of a peacock, so it's only natural that I would want to show off my feathers.

You can never have too many rings. NEVER. That reminds me, I need to figure out my ring size...

Awesome ring by Made Her Think. As seen on Miss Rumi of Fashion Toast. This ring is $110. There's an $88 version that's a bit smaller and obviously more in my price range but then again, it's only a $32 difference. Heh...only $32. I have truly lost my mind.

*images via bona drag and shopbop


Mads said...

I love each piece in this post!!


What Was I Thinking? said...

I would be happy to own any of these great pieces... and about the rude comments it baffles my mind as well.
Not really the best place to discuss the state of the economy!