Dressing Up...My Feet

Quick post with bad pictures. After I wrapped today (one more day of shooting then we're done!), I went to Barney's to check on something for my awesome boyfriend. Barney's is in the midst of their big sale so of course I had to play around a bit, knowing full well that even on sale, I can't afford anything there. I was exhausted and didn't feel like trying on a bunch of clothes but I had no problem trying on shoes.

Balenciaga. I really love this color. I got some new shoes in this color that I will share soon. Oh and that strap at the top of my ankle...velcro! Pretty awesome. There's a bit of my shoes- Steve Madden t-strap sandals. One of my favorite pairs of shoes, actually.

Dries Van Noten. Not 100% my style but man, they are beautiful.

No, I'm still not over these Stella's. After that Bebe debacle, of course I had to see if the real ones are as comfortable as everyone claims. They are. So comfortable in fact, I actually considered plunking down $599 (down from $995) for this pair even though they are not the color I wanted. Sigh...I guess I'll keep dreaming.

Me in the elevator at Barney's. I'm still in my "costume" for the film. The actors provided their own wardrobe so I rooted around my closet to figure out what "Rhonda" would wear, down to her hairstyle.

**Random red dress and jewelery, Target sweater, and NYCo purse.


Ms. Butterfly said...

Your hair is cute like this and damn who needs to eat for $599 Stellas but I'm not loving the color either.


I was drooling over those Balenciagas when I went to the store yesterday. I was seriously considering selling my ass for my next wardrobe but figured that would end up being a lifetime career so you know a girl had to fall back on THAT idea...lol