I have to give credit where credit is due. I was checking out the lovely blog, Childhood Flames as I'm sure many of you do and was blown away by the Complex Geometries t-shirt she had acquired. It's so simple, chic and easy to wear that I had to have one. I ran out to American Rag on LaBrea, snapped it up and have worn it several times. I might even get another. It reminds me of what the Greek Goddesses would have worn.

Worn with my trusty black Levi's.

Vintage lucite bangle, F21 cuff, my favorite ring, and random but awesome earrings.

Have a great day!!


DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

complex geo is so good.

haha i know, stopit, shopit, lame but whatever, puns are awesome :)

dude, wangs totally not over, im all about everything wang for fall 09, i'm just trying to make some room in my closet to get ready!

as for my wang tank, i really never do racerback, but i just loved this print so much that i bought it, but now i really dont think ill wear it. and your sweater?! dude EXCELLENT bf i must say. kudos. i still die over that sweater. fuck seasons dude, if you love it, dont ever take it off :) i'm sure you look rad in it, cant wait to see an outfit post :)

anyhow, please spread the word of http://www.shopitrightnow.blogspot.com

thanks grrrrl!