Recently I seem to be acquiring a lot of vests.

Exhibit A:

My favorite. Love the color and the avant-garde shape. An impulse buy that I have never regretted.

Exhibit B:

This little faux number was purchased at H&M. On a recent episode of The Hills, one girl said to another, "You look like a dog, you're wearing fur!" I thought that was pretty funny.

Exhibit C:

White faux leather moto vest from Bebe. I was very impressed- I'm not normally a Bebe girl. Here's to stepping outside your comfort zone!

Exhibit D:

An incredible vintage find. Very "razzle, dazzle" and "all that jazz". Love, love, love.

*all vests worn with AA leotard


I Would Like To Dress Like This Everyday


*photo by The Sartorialist (I think)



In the midst of an amazing project at the Kirk Douglas Theatre that is so inspiring/ wearing me out. Acting is truly my first love so it's taking up all the space in my brain at the moment. Be back soon...

xoxo Nia


New Sunglasses

Happy Easter!

*vintage sunnies and scarf, AA dress, Maya bracelets


Who Is This Girl?

Susie Bubble posted these pics so thank you Susie! Susie posted them in relation to the new label, e.g.. The clothes are epic but I am fascinated with this model. She is beautiful and she is really rocking these looks. Who is she? She just might be my new favourite model...

UPDATE: Her name is Amira Ahmed


Spring Fling

Quick outfit post. Found this lingerie-esque top and fell in love. I believe that it is in fact, an underwear type blouse...but what would it go under? Who knows? Anyway, it's officially spring so it's time to bring out the lighter colours.

Close-up on the detail.

Granny Smith apple pumps from Marc Jacobs. A gift from the BF from a few years back. Confession: they're not so comfortable anymore (not sure why) and I changed into a pair of studded Steve Madden sandals before I left for work. Some days I am willing to suffer for fashion. Today is not one of those days.

Gold bangles and new favorite ring thrown on at the last minute.

*Thrifted lingerie top, Levi's jeans, Marc Jacobs pumps, bracelets from Maya, ring by unknown purchased at Happy in on Hollywood Blvd.


The Little Bird's Nest

I've been spending more time in Silverlake lately. It's such a beautiful neighborhood. As long as I live in LA, I never want to leave the Los Feliz/Silverlake area. It's just too amazing. I found out last year that Anais Nin lived in Silverlake and I almost lost my mind. She lived in a one bedroom house designed by Eric Lloyd Wright, son of Frank. This house is exactly what I envision my dream house to be. I'm on a mission to find it. It's not listed anywhere which leads me to believe that it's a private residence.

The "Little Bird" herself

*images from The LA Times


Warm and Snuggly

Since my day job is in an office, I don't want to go to work 100% of the time. My bed is so soft and comforting and when I get dressed, a lot of time I want to take that feeling out into the world. Such is this case this morning. L.A. weather has been weird lately and the temp has been cool in the morning. I decided to break out this oatmeal sweater that I got at one of my favorite vintage stores- Cherry Pick Vintage on Franklin Ave. in Los Feliz. Every time I'm in there, I manage to find something very special. This dress is from Cherry Pick as well.

This sweater is straight up 80s. Big billowy sleeves and extra fabric around the neck. It's so comfortable and warm. I piled on the jewelery as well, just to keep it interesting.

A splash of colour is always good. I love my hot pink toe nails but it's time for a fresh pedi. Rule #1 of wearing open toes is to have your toenails looking right. I break this rule often.

*Vintage sweater, Levi jeans, H&M bracelets, assorted rings, Kenneth Cole heels


Margaret Cho is cool and so is her house

I haven't posted anything on living spaces which is odd because I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve my own. When I have a house I want it to have a dark/ Gothic/ Victorian/ Catholic Church/ bohemian vibe. I have no idea how I could possibly put something like that together (I know nothing about interior design) but I know that's what I want. The BF, on the other hand just wants a basement so he can watch his sports and play his guitar and drums. Peep the details from Miss Cho's place:

The outside. Love the arched doorways and windows. There's also that big gold thing. It really reminds me of a church.

Religious art. I collect religious candles and rosaries. I'd love to add a crucifix or two to the mix.

Stain glass windows!!! I have always wanted stain glass in my home ever since I went to a party in Spanish Harlem in an apartment that used to be a church. I am so not religious (I was forced into Catholicism when I was twelve) but the aesthetic has definitely stayed with me. Such strong emotion conveyed in the artwork. You should have seen me at the Baroque exhibit at the Getty a few months ago. I cried the whole time.

The woman herself, relaxing in an outdoor lounge complete with pink sofa, hut-like shade and dog. Looks life perfection to me.

*photos via NYT