Margaret Cho is cool and so is her house

I haven't posted anything on living spaces which is odd because I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve my own. When I have a house I want it to have a dark/ Gothic/ Victorian/ Catholic Church/ bohemian vibe. I have no idea how I could possibly put something like that together (I know nothing about interior design) but I know that's what I want. The BF, on the other hand just wants a basement so he can watch his sports and play his guitar and drums. Peep the details from Miss Cho's place:

The outside. Love the arched doorways and windows. There's also that big gold thing. It really reminds me of a church.

Religious art. I collect religious candles and rosaries. I'd love to add a crucifix or two to the mix.

Stain glass windows!!! I have always wanted stain glass in my home ever since I went to a party in Spanish Harlem in an apartment that used to be a church. I am so not religious (I was forced into Catholicism when I was twelve) but the aesthetic has definitely stayed with me. Such strong emotion conveyed in the artwork. You should have seen me at the Baroque exhibit at the Getty a few months ago. I cried the whole time.

The woman herself, relaxing in an outdoor lounge complete with pink sofa, hut-like shade and dog. Looks life perfection to me.

*photos via NYT