Warm and Snuggly

Since my day job is in an office, I don't want to go to work 100% of the time. My bed is so soft and comforting and when I get dressed, a lot of time I want to take that feeling out into the world. Such is this case this morning. L.A. weather has been weird lately and the temp has been cool in the morning. I decided to break out this oatmeal sweater that I got at one of my favorite vintage stores- Cherry Pick Vintage on Franklin Ave. in Los Feliz. Every time I'm in there, I manage to find something very special. This dress is from Cherry Pick as well.

This sweater is straight up 80s. Big billowy sleeves and extra fabric around the neck. It's so comfortable and warm. I piled on the jewelery as well, just to keep it interesting.

A splash of colour is always good. I love my hot pink toe nails but it's time for a fresh pedi. Rule #1 of wearing open toes is to have your toenails looking right. I break this rule often.

*Vintage sweater, Levi jeans, H&M bracelets, assorted rings, Kenneth Cole heels