kopy kat

well, well, well...look who else has a pair of my new boots?

just kidding. in fact, i kind of like kim kardashian. she's hot, bangs really sexy dudes and gets paid to be herself. not a bad gig if you ask me.

*photo via www.kimkardashian.com


Something New

*edit: i have NO idea why this video if off center. grrr! i'll get the hang of it sooner or later!



don't tell anyone but i'm pretty sure santa's bringing me these dolce vita "josey" boots for christmas.


l'art blah blah blah

you know what's funny? i've always fantasized about being an art project. the subject. the muse. and yet, my shyness...or yet, my unwillingness to allow myself to go there, has prevented me to present myself as thus. no more. what i love about how this blog is how much more honest it had become. more real. more raw. there is a part of me that is so upbeat and so in tune to what the masses would consider acceptable but then there is the other side. perhaps, the more real side. a bit dark and interested in all fashions black, all music moody (portishead, massive attacck, goldfrapp, etc.), and all stories raw and graphic. so. at the risk of coming off pretentious (there's that second guessing again), i present a series of self portraits.


missing links

the bad news is that my hair stylist is moving to nyc. the good news is she was selling a bunch of her stuff and i scored a capricorn coffee mug (for mom) for fifty cents and this necklace for a dollar.

impulsiveness at target led me to purchase this watch. i've been wanting a men's watch for a while but until the rolex money starts rolling in, i'll settle for this. i mean, it looks good to me. had the sweet man at the repair shop take out a few links and now i can't take it off.


i picked up this top from zara because a) even though it's technically tie-dye, it reminds me of graffiti; b) graffiti reminds me of new york; and c) thinking about new york makes me happy.

hmm...that made more sense in my head.


row row row...

thank god for refinery29. without it i would not have known about the row sample sale yesterday in culver city. i'm intrigued by the olsens. they have great style and from what i had seen online, the clothes, especially the row, seemed betutifully tailored and quite luxe. i was fully prepared to leave the showroom empty handed if i wasn't moved but i was. everything is so well made, so soft and comfortable. i was one of the first there so i had my pick. i left the $200-$300 pieces alone but managed to snag a few great $30-$50 items. i got four pieces total but here are two:

the basic black tank dress. it's very long and like i said, beyond comfortable.

back of the dress. worn with leotard from american apparel.

layered with a white tank, also the row. threw on this amazing necklace from my grandmother. she's been hooking me up with some great stuff lately, am i right?


grandma knows what's up

recently took a trip to nyc and boston but was sick with the flu for half of it. my last day of ny, i really wanted to hit the moma and then visit the rick owens boutique but alas it was not meant to be (not that i could have afforded anything anyway). while in boston, my grandmother complained that i wear too much black (true) and then bestowed upon me her fox fur wrap. see? it runs in the fam ;)



vest=silence+noise, tank=f21, necklace=chrome hearts ft. vampire teeth charm, cross earrings + studded bracelet=?


demo reel


i seem to be doing a lot more jewelry posts these days but honestly, i've been more inspired by rings, earrings, and necklaces than by clothes. got these at my new favorite boutique, new high mart (luv you t-rick and miho!!!). apparently the designer isn't making them anymore so lucky me.



owl=f21; panther=cartier knockoff; snake=uo


Always Bet on Black

sometimes the best thing to wear is the most simple. t-shirt by gap. skirt by AA. vintage cuff. guess watch. f21 necklace.



not so much blogging but i've read two books (the alchemist & veronika decides to die) and have been going through the archives of garbage dress and dirty flaws, my new fave blogs. can't watch any tv. it's all soooo bad. impulsively bought a pair of jeans and then immediately regretted it when i saw a heather grey bomber jacket at h&m that i would much rather have. in love with this ring from uo.


don't say nuthin'

three things i don't wear enough=floppy black hat from the manhattan mall circa '01, vintage lace gloves from grandmother, red lipstick


feeling good about...

organizing my closet

diy studded steve madden boots





zara vest. alice+olivia for payless boots (worn two nights in a row, hence the dust). f21 purse.



The reason I was in Sweden in the first place was because my BF, who is an amazing comedian, performed at the first ever Stockholm Comedy Festival. He got a standing ovation! I had to wear my newly favorite shirt and necklace courtesy of two amazingly talented bloggers.

*Shredded Tee by Jayne from Stop It Right Now, Shock of Hair necklace by Molly at Rackk and Ruin, shoes by Jeffrey Campbell


Swept Away

Been seeing a lot of beautiful things while in Stockholm...

The harbor near the hotel. Sweden is comprised of thousands of islands, so there's water and boats a plenty.

A side street near the hotel. I love horses and any kind of art about them makes me happy.

Feather Island.

Lot of water means lots of fresh seafood. Lunch on Feather Island.

Boat ride to Feather Island. I wore my white summer dress, fave ring, wishbone necklace that I bought while at a Derby Dolls game, Zara jacket, random sunnies. I think dude in the background is feeling my outfit, don't you think?


Live From Sweden!

Sweden has totally lifted my spirits. It's amazing how doing what you love can make the world feel so much better. Stockholm is a wonderful and vibrant city crawling with gorgeous people and beautiful old buildings. This morning I got up and went for a walk around this harbor right across from the hotel and walked along cobblestone streets watching people walk and bike to work. It was magical. My whole life, I've dreamed of traveling and I feel so blessed to be doing it.

But what's really important is...SHOPPING. Naturally. A person as broke as I am has no business doing any kind of shopping but c'mon, now. It's Stockholm! One of the most fashionable cities in the world! I'll have more pics soon but for now check out what I got at H&M. I know, I know...there are H&M's in the states but I don't know if they're selling this:

I'm in love with this necklace and the booties are just too cute for words. Hope everyone is doing well!


How I'm Feeling Lately

Been resting from blogging. Why? Dunno. There have clothes and accessories that have been purchased. A trip to Sweden coming up. But also, a job that has been lost and a future to figure out. So until that all gets sorted out, outfit posts seem a bit contrived and artificial. I'll be back after Sweden when hopefully, I'll be refreshed and recharged.



R.I.P. Naomi Sims

I just learned about this beautiful lady via Jezebel. A model/psychology student/business woman who hung with Dali and Warhol? That's the kind of life I'm talking about, people.

Check out her bio in the NYTimes


Nu Shooz

My new JC's came in the mail today. So cute, so comfortable, they will be worn everywhere.

Crazy about this video when I was a kid.

Jeffrey Campbell shoes


Love Is The Drug

Saw Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl last night. This is what I wore:

Love Stitches dress, H&M hat, vintage belt, random assortment of jewelery

This woman is incredible. Her show was phenomenal. I am obsessed.