V, I Hardley Knew Thee

There certainly is a whole lotta hoopla over V Magazine. I must confess that this mag was not on my radar until I started obsessively reading fashion blogs. So the great fashion photographer, Mario Testino, has done a kick ass swimsuit issue featuring the world's best supermodels. I was intrigued by the pics but I was also curious about the magazine as a whole. I wandered over to the website and OMG....beautiful, arresting images that I must hold in my hand. After work, it is straight to the killer magazine stand on Cahuenga Blvd. to pick up a copy and add to the collection. In the meantime, have some eye candy.

Naomi Campbell is the world's best supermodel. I didn't say world's best human being. But her job? Yeah, she's good at it.

For all you skull fans (myself included): Pinault Collection at The Garage in Moscow

Photo by David Lynch, my favorite film director.

I think this is just so beautiful. Nina Stotler's Von Kottwitz necklace photographed by Clayton Cubitt.

*all photos via V Magazine


Hannah said...

Lovely pictures, although I find the one with heels slightly disturbing. What can I say, I'm sensitive to heel-induced pain. Naomi looks beautiful!