Ride 'em Cowgirl

A few things...

1. I grew up in Atlanta but do not consider myself "Southern".
2. With the exception of Dolly, I do not enjoy country music.
3. I love these boots even though they have a sad story attached to them.

I acquired these beauties in late '07. My father and I went by a yard sale that his friend's soon to be ex-wife was holding in their front yard. There was all sorts of crap laying about on the yard. Old toys, books, dishes, etc. This couple was selling everything and going their separate ways. The wife looked tired and was anxious to get rid of everything. I browsed around and saw these boots, tags still attached. I would never buy cowboy boots on my own but I figured that they would be a good staple to have. I slipped them on and they fit perfectly. She let me have them for free. I wear them under jeans, I don't do the cowboy boots and dress thing. It's been done, it doesn't look right on me (too hipster), and I hate it. But the old fashioned way I love. Just like the cowboys do it.


Rings and Things

Just a few of my rings. I need to expand my collection. They're all pretty cheap, only one has sentimental value. Can you guess which one?


I need these...

These shoes are insane. The wing on the side would make me feel like a sexy superhero.

*Max Kibardin Shoe Booties, Photo from Saks.com


Fur Confusion

Last month Mom and I went to the Melrose flea market. We came across a fat, hairy, and shirtless man selling loads of fur stuff. I could barely understand him but I managed to figure out that he was selling these small pelts for a buck each. I decided to grab a couple:

Since then I've been having a hard time figuring out what to do with them. In truth, I was looking for those fur tails that I could wear on the hip of my jeans, 80s style but alas, the sweaty man had none. I am by no means a DIY-er...


At the hip?

Yo, Luxirare! Any ideas?


New Love

I'm having fun with bracelets lately. Today, I'm doing some light stacking with a Lucite piece I found in a random boutique on 9th Ave. in NYC, a Chrome Hearts piece (Christmas gift from BB) and a new bracelet from Maya on Hollywood Blvd.

Here's a close-up of the bracelet from Maya. Can't really tell by the pic (damn you, BlackBerry) but it's made up tiny skulls and claw like fingers.

I love edgy jewelry mixed in with a low key outfit. I'm wearing all black today and it seems to be working. I was feeling a little Goth today although I'm sure true Goths would scoff at my interpretation.


This picture...

makes my heart race.


Just another day in the office...

Not this most traditional footwear for the office but c'mon. How hot are these shoes??!