Fur Confusion

Last month Mom and I went to the Melrose flea market. We came across a fat, hairy, and shirtless man selling loads of fur stuff. I could barely understand him but I managed to figure out that he was selling these small pelts for a buck each. I decided to grab a couple:

Since then I've been having a hard time figuring out what to do with them. In truth, I was looking for those fur tails that I could wear on the hip of my jeans, 80s style but alas, the sweaty man had none. I am by no means a DIY-er...


At the hip?

Yo, Luxirare! Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

dude whered you get this? i love it. I want some!
did you see alex wang fall 09 yet? he basically took what you've got right there and placed them on the back seam of some jackets. Check out his collection and you'll see there's little strips of fur peeking through. Of course you'd need more than two.

for the time being though the only thing I can think of is earrings or a necklace, the latter which you've already done !! i would LOVE to see some FUR earrings on people- yes I ge that its totally weird and creepy...but i am creepy...

rackkandruin said...

add one to the back of a slouchy wool hat trapper style (tail hanging down). or maybe if you dyed them black they would be more versatile. have fun with them!