Sunday Morning

It's been way to long since I have posted last. Not doing that great of a job blogging it seems. Well, I'm trying not to bee too hard on myself anymore. I'm also trying to work from the heart and not the head. Doing this has enabled me to be more invested in myself. It's help me deal with my fears. It's also helped me get through a couple of tough situations lately. I recently got into a fight with a friend. It was, as most the fights I have with friends are, a misunderstanding. My initial reaction to situations like that are to coldly point out everything wrong with the person with a tone in my voice that would suggest that I could walk away from them at any minute. I got called on this by my friend when she said that I was "emotionally removed". It's true, I definitely back away from displaying emotions when there's a lot of tension. The only person I don't do this with is BB but that's because I don't mind him seeing me out of control. Anyone else, it seems needs to know that I have the upper hand at all times.

So, I'm trying to let go. Do what makes me happy and follow my heart. I've recently been asked to join the team of music and comedy enthusiasts and host online interviews for a very cool website run by an awesome and ambitious young woman. 'll give you the scoop in a couple of weeks after my first interview. I'm so excited! I also need to get on track with the business venture that my mom and I want to do together. I haven't ben working on that as much as I need to. Oh and I booked a role on a TV show! It hasn't aired yet...I need to email Ian and ask him about that. What else...oh I saw my co-worker Lauren kick ass at the L.A. Derby Dolls match last night. They'll be looking for new Dolls soon so maybe I'll get in n the action too.

So there it is plus tons more. I'm feeling good. I feel like this is just the beginning.