l'art blah blah blah

you know what's funny? i've always fantasized about being an art project. the subject. the muse. and yet, my shyness...or yet, my unwillingness to allow myself to go there, has prevented me to present myself as thus. no more. what i love about how this blog is how much more honest it had become. more real. more raw. there is a part of me that is so upbeat and so in tune to what the masses would consider acceptable but then there is the other side. perhaps, the more real side. a bit dark and interested in all fashions black, all music moody (portishead, massive attacck, goldfrapp, etc.), and all stories raw and graphic. so. at the risk of coming off pretentious (there's that second guessing again), i present a series of self portraits.


missing links

the bad news is that my hair stylist is moving to nyc. the good news is she was selling a bunch of her stuff and i scored a capricorn coffee mug (for mom) for fifty cents and this necklace for a dollar.

impulsiveness at target led me to purchase this watch. i've been wanting a men's watch for a while but until the rolex money starts rolling in, i'll settle for this. i mean, it looks good to me. had the sweet man at the repair shop take out a few links and now i can't take it off.


i picked up this top from zara because a) even though it's technically tie-dye, it reminds me of graffiti; b) graffiti reminds me of new york; and c) thinking about new york makes me happy.

hmm...that made more sense in my head.


row row row...

thank god for refinery29. without it i would not have known about the row sample sale yesterday in culver city. i'm intrigued by the olsens. they have great style and from what i had seen online, the clothes, especially the row, seemed betutifully tailored and quite luxe. i was fully prepared to leave the showroom empty handed if i wasn't moved but i was. everything is so well made, so soft and comfortable. i was one of the first there so i had my pick. i left the $200-$300 pieces alone but managed to snag a few great $30-$50 items. i got four pieces total but here are two:

the basic black tank dress. it's very long and like i said, beyond comfortable.

back of the dress. worn with leotard from american apparel.

layered with a white tank, also the row. threw on this amazing necklace from my grandmother. she's been hooking me up with some great stuff lately, am i right?


grandma knows what's up

recently took a trip to nyc and boston but was sick with the flu for half of it. my last day of ny, i really wanted to hit the moma and then visit the rick owens boutique but alas it was not meant to be (not that i could have afforded anything anyway). while in boston, my grandmother complained that i wear too much black (true) and then bestowed upon me her fox fur wrap. see? it runs in the fam ;)