I spied this girl at Venice Beach. I was walking with Mom and BB and she glided past us on a scooter. Normally, I stay far away from dressing head to toe in one color (except for black) but this girl makes it work.


These Guys Were Awesome

I have to say, as horrendous as 90s fashion could be, whoever styled The Party for this album cover did a pretty good job. And while I question the decision to have both Damon and Albert wear the same vests (Albert's is more Afro-centric, naturally), I'm loving the leather jacket draped around DeeDee's shoulders. Hotness. Tiffini's hat is Blossom chic and I think putting readhead Chase in a red blazer (coat?) works surprisingly well. Haha! Am I really breaking down The Party's style?! Wait...I think I'm having a flashback.

Excuse me while I do the Running Man.


Accessory Of The Week (maybe of the year)

I lusted after a $209 version of this ring until eagle-eyed Bethany spied the $16 version at Urban in Santa Barbara. The cheaper one isn't gold, natch, but I love it anyways. I'm wearing it forever or until my finger turns green, whichever happens first ;)

P.S. Don't you just love finding a cheaper version of something you really love? Sometimes it's better than getting the more expensive one!


Breaking 'Em In

I wore my new grey boots from UO (on sale) today in order to break them in. I figure the office is the best place to break new shoes. You wear them all day but there's a minimal amount of walking around. I love these boots- they look like the Marni ones I've been eyeing on net-a-porter.com except they didn't cost over 1K. Score!


Santa Barbara

Here I am at my friend Bethany parent's house in Santa Barbara. I woke up leisurely, had some tea and toast and read the Arts section of the LA Times. This is how I want to spend '09. Relaxing, learning, and enjoying life.

**photo by Bethany Nauert